Kingsford Waterbay

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Kingsford Waterbay is where you’ll awaken your senses, and reignite your creative juices. With a mesmerising river view that brings nature to your doorstep, you’ll find yourself falling head over heels for what could soon become your new home.

Why Kingsford Waterbay?

Utmost Serenity
Your home should be where you can unplug, and enjoy all that life has to offer with your loved ones. With Kingsford Waterbay being nestled in the heart of the peaceful and tranquil Upper Serangoon View, you’ll have no more distractions. No more intrusions. No more noise. You’ll be free to clear your mind of worries and recharge in your own private sanctuary.

In the Midst of Nature
Kingsford Waterbay is located right next to Serangoon Park Connector, and bordering the park connector is Sungei Serangoon. Drop by for an evening stroll to reconnect with nature, or plan a weekend outing with the kids to engage them in some kayaking and wakeboarding.

Extraordinary Childcare Amenities
Other than the typical playgrounds and children’s pools, Kingsford Waterbay also comes fully equipped with a Childcare Centre. It doesn’t get any more convenient than this – and parents will definitely appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their little ones are safe and out of trouble!

Commuter Perks
Here’s an irresistible perk for commuters. You’ll get 2 years’ worth of free shuttle bus rides that will bring you from Kingsford Waterbay straight to Hougang MRT station. If that’s not convenience, we don’t know what is!

Quality Healthcare Facilities
Hopefully you won’t be needing these too often – but it’s always comforting to know that you do have quality health care nearby. There are plenty of clinics, as well as Hougang Polyclinic, which is 5 minutes away via car. The upcoming Sengkang General and Community Hospital, which will open in 2018, is just 10 minutes away via car as well.

Space-Saving Layouts
All units at Kingsford Waterbay are square or rectangular shaped, with no odd corners that will result in wasted space. This means that you’ll be guaranteed a functional, space-saving arrangement that will vastly simplify your interior decoration and storage decisions.

Easy Connectivity
The Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway lies to the left of Kingsford Waterbay, and this connects to the Tampines Expressway, providing you with easy access to Changi, Pasir Ris, and Tampines. Heading to work in the Central Business District? Switch over to the Marina Coastal Expressway instead, and you’ll be in town within just 20 minutes.

Outstanding Developer
Kingsford Development has carved a name for itself with its unyielding commitment to quality, as well as its highly prestigious, award-winning projects. With the group’s extraordinary attention to detail, as well as their impressive work ethic, you’ll definitely be in good hands.

Family Friendly
Parents living at Kingsford Waterbay have a plethora of resources to tap on within close proximity. A community library. Malls containing multiple enrichment centres. Top-notch schools such as CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity. You’ll find it unbelievably easy to keep your children engaged, and stimulate them intellectually.

Haven for Foodies
Have a weakness for good food? Both Ponggol Nasi Lemak and Chomp Chomp Food Centre are just a 10 minutes’ drive away. With so much amazing food at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to satisfy those late-night cravings!

Kingsford Waterbay in Upper Serangoon View

A 99-year leasehold condominium strategically situated in Upper Serangoon View, Kingsford Waterbay is ideally one of the most captivating residential selections in town. The developer, Kingsford Development, makes sure that the condominium is set in a reachable location with lots of beautiful landscapes along the place. With the Sungei Serangoon Reservoir on its vicinity, you will clearly enjoy the peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The azure waters and lush scenery feature a more relaxing vibe to your daily living.

Convenience is one of the top priorities of this residential development, which can hardly be seen in most recent launches. The project is just minutes away from many significant establishments such as malls, clinics, schools, airport and much more. A short drive from your place and you can stroll within the malls of Heartland and Fernvale. The Hougang Central, which holds notable shopping districts like Rivervale Plaza, Compass Point Mall, is also very near the area. Also, the condominium is well-connected with major expressways, making it easier for you to be at your destination.

Kingsford Waterbay Vicinity

Certainly, Kingsford Waterbay brags the uniqueness of its vicinity that holds almost everything under the sun— nature, education, malls, and so much more, consequently creating a serious stir among interested home buyers. Well, the prime location speckled with nearby amenities makes life more easy and comfortable. The condominium is just a drive away from expressways, so there’s no need to bother for long road trips. You will be saving time and effort with its accessibility, and of course, the neighbouring facilities scattered all over the place.

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  1. Hi there, I want to visit the showflat on weekdays. I want to avoid the crowd on weekends. On weekdays, I end work at 7pm. May i know until what time is the Kingsford Waterbay showflat open?

    • Hi Dai Huang,

      The showflat is open from 10am to 7pm daily. However, if you have booked an appointment with us, we can extend the hours for you.

    • Hi Shaiming,

      We used to have the showflat on the actual site. But, we are in the end stages of heavy construction right now. Thus, we have shifted our showflat from the actual site. However, we have positioned our showflat not too far away from the actual site so that you can still experience the neighborhood or stroll to the actual site if you need a glimpse.

    • Hi Sheng,

      We do not have a 3BR model in the showflat. But, we do have a 4BR & 2BR model. We will be able to show you how a 3BR will look like using the 4BR model as a base. Because, the difference is just 1 extra bedroom & 1 extra bathroom.

  2. Hey there, how much did the strata landed semi-d were sold for? i guess it should have been a great buy. maybe I am too late.

    • Hi Ming Huang,

      The strata landed Semi-Detached units were sold for around $2M. Yes. They are indeed a great purchase. Value for money.

  3. how about the strata landed inter terrace? really an unique concept to have a landed property with full condominium facilities. wish we knew about kingsford waterbay earlier.

    • Hi Yuan Tien,

      The Strata Inter-Terrace are fully sold out. The selling price was around $1.8M. Yes. It is great to have your own landed space with full condo facilities & security.

  4. Hello,

    I see that 5 Bedroom is fully sold. Will there be any chance for us to get a 5-Bedroom unit in Kingsford Waterbay in the future?

    • Hi Lian Chung,

      That’s right. 5-Bedroom units are fully sold. You may contact us and join in our waiting list. If there are any aborted units, you will be the first to know.

    • Hi Xiao Chen,

      Yes. But, the difference is only about $10K. River facing units at Kingsford Waterbay will generally cost you about $10K more than the pool facing units.

    • Hi Meng Chien,

      We have a total of 1,165 residential units. 907 units have already been sold. We have 264 units left. Therefore, we sold 77% units and we still have got 23% available units for you at Kingsford Waterbay.

    • Hi Li Jun,

      There are FOUR (4) 2-Bedroom Penthouses left. Yes. Both rooms would be able to hold a Queen Size bed. Unit sizes range from 839 sqft to 861 sqft. Price ranges from $1.03M to $1.056M.

      2-Bedroom Penthouse units are available in these stacks,

      Currently, all available 2-Bedroom Penthouse units in Kingsford Waterbay faces the river.

  5. Hey There,

    I understand that the bigger type of 3BR unit comes with a yard, wc & bigger balcony. May i know the price, stack, floor level and facing of these unit?

    • Hi S. Lim,

      As of now, there are FIVE (5) 3-Bedroom Units with Yard & WC.

      Here is the list of available 3-Bedroom Units with Yard & WC units,
      #02-51 – 979 sqft – River Facing – Smaller Balcony which does not extend to Common Bedroom
      #03-07 – 1,001 sqft – Pool Facing
      #04-07 – 1,001 sqft – Pool Facing
      #05-07 – 1,001 sqft – Pool Facing
      #03-15 – 1,033 sqft – River Facing

      Price ranges from $1.322M – $1.392M

    • Hi Ye Feng,

      3 + Study units face the pool. It is in Stack 19.

      Currently we have these units,

      Size would be 1,022sqft. Price ranges from $1.368M to $1.377M

    • Hi Yun Hao,

      As of now, we have FIVE (5) 4-Bedroom units left. All 5 units faces the river. The remaining 5 units are in Stack 73 & 76. We have balance units from 1st floor to 3rd floor. Price range would be $1.589M – $1.685M. And, the size range would be 1,194 sqft to 1,216 sqft.

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