Attention All HDB Owners…

Have you ever desired a Condo and dropped the idea because of hefty downpayment & stressful monthly repayments?

Usually, to own a $1.225M Brand New 3-Bedroom Penthouse (as shown in the image), you would have to come up with at least $278,250 as downpayment and $3,326 as monthly repayments.

But, what if we told you that 80% of our clients didn’t have to fork out this $278,250 from their savings.

We even showed our clients a way to repay the $3,326 monthly repayments for an average 7 years without forking out any extra cash from their own pockets.

In general, most HDB owners turned their old HDB to a higher valued new Condo not because they earned or saved more than you.

More likely than not, it is only because they got their financials and asset progression journey meticulously planned out for them by an experienced real estate professional.

Turn your desire of owning a Condo into reality.

Contact us at +65 6699 9969 and we will get in touch with you to map out a FREE & Non-Obligatory asset progression journey that will benefit you & your loved ones.