Kingsford Waterbay 3BR-Brilliant Plan Combines Lavish Lifestyle

Kingsford Development has chosen District 19’s supreme location overlooking the Upper Serangoon for their new condo project Kingsford Waterbay. The word ‘King’ is associated with the project and it offers all the facilities to live life ‘King Size.’ If you want a lavish unit that is surrounded by lush greenery and the serene beauty of the river, then the three bedroom units of Kingsford Waterbay are perfect for you.

Kingsford Waterbay- Three Bedroom Type C1

Named as Type C1, the three bedroom units of the condo project cover 850 sqft area each. Each unit will feature two bedrooms and one master bedroom. The master bedroom is the largest among the three and it can easily accommodate a large double bed and a large wardrobe keeping enough space for easy movement. The next bedroom adjacent to the master bedroom is also spacious enough to place a double bed and a small wardrobe. If you have a kid or young adult in the family, then he/she can use the third bedroom that is small and private yet conformable.

Kingsford Waterbay- Three Bedroom-Bath and Kitchen

The three bedroom units have a master bath that can be easily accessed from the master bedroom and the other bedroom. Adjacent to the small bedroom, there another bath. The kitchen and the dining areas are well planned. You can put the required furniture for dining and kitchen utensil, yet enjoy free movement and relaxed setting.

Kingsford Waterbay- Three Bedroom- Living Area and Balcony

Now, the place for fun, relax and enjoyment. The three bedroom units of Kingsford Waterbay include a spacious living room where you can get your entertainment feed or just relax on the couch. Just step on the balcony to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the nature that will take all your stress away just in a moment.

Thus, the three bedroom units of Kingsford Waterbay give a complete feeling of being at home.

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