Kingsford Waterbay Close to Some of the Top Secondary Schools

Education is one of the most important things in life. Whenever people decide to move to a new location, they always consider the academic options nearby, especially if they have kids or teens in the family. If you are planning to book a condo in Upper Serangoon’s top residential development Kingsford Waterbay, then you will also like to know about the nearest academic facilities. You will be happy to know that the development features some of the best schools nearby. Apart from a few top rated junior and primary schools, Kingsford Waterbay condo is close to some of the leading secondary schools near District 19, which are:

Serangoon Secondary School near Kingsford Waterbay

This historically rich secondary school spans over eight decades. In 1928, it started as Serangoon English School and was the only government co-educational school during that time. The school maintains provision in education for people living in the neighbourhood and attained remarkable achievements. You will be happy to know that the school has given many doctors, dental surgeons, professionals, businessmen in several fields, educationalists and a cabinet minister. Thus, enrolling the students in this school definitely has chances to secure a bright future, which is definitely great news for the parents residing or planning to live in Kingsford Waterbay.

Montford Secondary School near Kingsford Waterbay

Those who want to know about the best secondary schools in Hougang or near Kingsford Waterbay, they must have heard about Montford Secondary School. This Catholic school was started in 1916 in Hougang. The government-aided school is an all-boys secondary education provider from secondary to 5th standard. After that, the students may move to Catholic Junior College with proper affiliation favours. Regardless of disabilities, religion or race, the school provides education for all.

Thus, the residents of Kingsford Waterbay certainly have many reasons to be happy when it comes to the nearby options of secondary schools.

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