Site Plan

With the six sensorial zones that promise to inspire recreation, relaxation, and rejuvenation for homeowners, the developers behind Kingsford Waterbay have truly outdone themselves. It’s official – Kingsford Waterbay is the project to beat.

Zone 1: The Stream

There’s something undeniably zen about the sight and sound of flowing water. With The Stream featuring the longest man-made river in a private condominium in Singapore, you’ll find it extraordinarily easy to unplug and relax.

Don’t fall asleep, though – the Hydro Walk, Spa Creek, and Water Theatre are waiting for you. When the sky darkens, head up to the Sky Bar to savour the mesmerizing view, and indulge in a drink or two.

Zone 2: The River

We’re betting that the pool junkies won’t be able to tear themselves away from this zone. Comprising of an Adventure Pool, Mist Pool, Jet Pool and more, it’s a dream come true for those who feel most at home in the water. Hungry from all that swimming? Time for a BBQ party at the BBQ Sun Deck!

Zone 3: The Cove

The Cove consists of the Lagoon Pool and Bubbling Pool, as well as an Aqua Gym, Water Slide Playground, and Outdoor Game Room. Trust us, it’s completely unnecessary to head out for weekend bonding sessions with your children – days of fun and laughter await at The Cove!

Zone 4: The Waterfall

With a Waterfall Ridge, Rolling Garden, and Water Zen Garden, The Waterfall feels like a secret sanctuary and a meditative milieu for you to escape to. If you’re into golf, make sure you check out the Putting Green, and invite your friends over for a round or two!

Zone 5: The Promenade

The Promenade is where friends and family congregate on a lazy Sunday to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company. Engage in mindful breathing at the Meditation Lawn, then head to the Chess Garden for some intellectual sparring. When the afternoon rolls around, escape the heat with pitchers of ice-cold drinks at the Afternoon Tea Court.

Zone 6: The Club

Comprising of a Childcare Centre, Children Playground, Courtyard, Commercial Shops and more, The Club provides homeowners and parents with an immense amount of convenience when it comes to childcare. Keeping the little ones occupied and out of trouble has never been so easy!

Numerous Facilities

Other than those listed above, Kingsford Waterbay also boasts of numerous additional facilities.

Zone 1Fitness Corner
Sunset Pavilion
Hydro Walk
Spa Creek
50m Lap Pool
Water Theatre
The Creek Pool Deck
Zen Garden
Ecological Pond
Sky Bar
Zone 2BBQ Sun Deck
Adventure Pool
Mist Pool
Jet Pool
Riverside Pool Deck
Outdoor Gym
Zone 3Lagoon Deck
BBQ Pavilion
Bubbling Pool (Children Pool)
Water Slide Playground
Alfresco Gourmet Pavilion
Lagoon Pool (50m Lap Pool)
Wave Pool
Aqua Gym
Waterfront Pool Deck
Outdoor Game Room
Zone 4Rolling Lawn
Waterfall Ridge
Function Deck
Putting Green
Water Zen Garden
Zone 5Meditation Lawn
Afternoon Tea Court
Chess Garden
Rolling Hill Park
Shallow Mat
Viewing Terrace
Zone 6Multi-Purpose Room
Gym Room
Viewing Deck
Commercial Shops
Tennis Court
Steam Rooms
Childcare Centre

Organize events at the Function Deck, Multi-purpose Room, Viewing Deck, Viewing Terrace. Get your heart racing and your pulse quickening at the Gym Room, Tennis Court, Wave Pool, Outdoor Gym, Fitness Corner, and Lap Pool. Relax and be with nature at the Rolling Hill Park, Lagoon Deck, Sunset Pavilion, Zen Garden, Ecological Pond, and Riverside Pool Deck. Finally, satisfy your cravings at the BBQ Pavilion, and the Alfresco Gourmet Pavilion.